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Started by Apeiro, May 16, 2017, 01:55:13 AM

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Hello, everyone!

Over the past several months i've felt kind of empty without TWC. So naturally i was overjoyed when i saw a server pop-up.
Unfortunately, it seems the owner of the Redux Server isn't very active in maintaining it. Sure it's running, but time-based events are broken and due to lack of MySQL, some other functions are missing.

So, with a lot of help from Rotem (basically she spoon-fed me instructions), i have started my own server. She removed the need for MySQL, so functions like vault sharing are working perfectly. Albeit it now displays player keys instead of character names. I've also set up 6 auto classes per day (4 hour intervals) and 2 clan wars per day. A detailed schedule will be posted soon. I'll also be hosting classes and events personally along with another GM.
Feel free to drop by and have some fun. If activity increases, so will the number of GMs and GM-held classes and events.

Because i'm running the server from my personal desktop, there may be issues with lag (Pie reports his ping being between 0.15 and 0.48).
Any feedback on your experience will be greatly appreciated. I'll be logging in here at least once a day to see if anyone is experiencing any issues.
Hopefully, with your help, i'll be able to fine-tune it to run as smoothly as the main server did.

Have a great day!


Due to potions being how they are there are no recipes yet.
So i've decided to hold a brewing competition.

Every participant will be given ingredients to experiment with. At the end, the best result will get a special prize.
All participants will also get a reward for joining at the end.

If anyone is interested, contact me with details on how to contact you and when you'd be able to participate, so we can coordinate the competition date and time, to maximize availability of participants.


Hijacking's Apeiro's post for a moment.

Hello, I'd like to mention I will still be giving support to anyone, I have no favorite servers or people. This is the entire purpose of open source, to allow all of you, the ability to run your server as you see fit and I will continue to help.

I believe that the only way TWC gets to live is by the community taking over with their own community ran server, if you need help you can always ask me as Apeiro did.

My github is slightly more updated with a few fixes, including wizard vault and mm map that were missing and an SQL fix so vault sharing works.

You can also get SQL to work, you'd have to install mySQL and use the schema Murrawhip included but you don't have to, we don't use old clans anymore so this is really not a biggie, you are just missing out on the admin tools and nothing further.

I also don't think using old versions is wise, you can get Deatheaters and Aurors with new clans quite easily, you add back in the clan robes with super ease. It's not hard, it's not complicated.

If you really miss TWC and you want it back, do something about it, don't let your dreams be dreams.


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