Christmas Drama

Started by Rotem, December 23, 2015, 10:22:13 AM

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Send me a PM over the forums with your key and in-game name if you wish to be a part of Santa's secret service. Temporary clan that'll cause some drama.


At first I thought to do some clan-drama bullshit but then I figured I wanna do gift-thingo. If you PMed me and you're not interested, PM and say so. If you haven't PMed me and you are interested, now you know what you're walking into.

I'll randomize the names and have people gift each other secretly, it'll be fun!

I might, poll randoms out've who PMs me and do something unrelated & different.


You've been PMed a name. You are to secretly gift them a gift once every two days.

If you haven't received a gift in 2 days, PM me. No joke shop items or pointless crap please. I want people to like their gifts.

There's however, a catch, for every gift you manage to give away without revealing yourself, you'll earn a point. If you manage to reveal the identity of your secret Santa, you'll earn a few points based on how long it took you.

We'll run this for 6 days and on the seventh day we'll all rest and then on the eighth day I'll give everyone gifts based on the amount of points they gathered.

We're talking about 3 gifts minimum. I wouldn't give away my entire inventory if I were you but hey maybe you really like the person you were assigned to. Have a nice cheesemass.


I'll allow late joiners but it means less gifts and less chance to earn points. Since it's two day rotation you probably have enough time to join for most of it.

Few tips to give your stuff undetected:

  • Use someone else. Don't use someone who is associated with you.
  • Leave it on the floor somewhere they're bound to go to. A bit risky though.
  • Gift wrappings leave your name on it so get someone else to wrap it.
  • Pretend someone put you up to it but you can't reveal their identity, allowing you to give away the gift yourself. Might work once. However they might call your bluff so careful with this one.


Go ahead and PM me how many gifts you sent and how many you received.