Started by Xekim, October 02, 2010, 07:28:48 PM

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My little brother and I share an IP, and he went on this cursing rampage or something on his charachter (Andrez)....   I cannot control what he does on this character, but having the same IP i've been banned for the exact same length of time :( . I was hoping i could eventually get unbanned, I know this is a very pitiful appeal, but if you would find it in your kindness to give me a chance I'd appreciate it.

Key: Thumprocky
Name: Xekim


If, for whatever reason, a sibling who uses the same IP address as you is banned from playing this game, this is not TWC's fault. We will not revert any ban affecting one user due to something that their sibling did.

That is in the rules so you would be unbanned when he is unbanned. I just looked at the ban list and hes not in there so you're probably not banned.


understandable, but everytime i try to connect it disconnects me and says im banned