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Started by Murrawhip, March 09, 2012, 01:12:40 AM

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I value the feedback our players give me when it comes to adding new things to TWC. However, I enjoy structure in my life, so it'd be nice if people would use this board in order to give me ideas to improve on TWC. (Instead of PMing me in game, emailing me, etc.)

  • Please take a quick look through the board to make sure your idea hasn't already been posted.
  • Please don't assume your idea is being ignored if I don't personally reply to it. I do read every suggestion.
  • Please try to use at least half-decent English - it really does make comprehending your idea much easier.
  • Please provide as much relevant information as you can. Don't rely on me to fill in all the finer details of your suggestion. The easier you make it for me, the more likely it is your idea will be implemented.
  • Please do not bump an idea without providing additional, significant information.


Please note the last point.


Please note my last reply. Suggestion posts aren't a poll.


Please note suggestion board is meant to develop an idea further, if you don't add any significant information and just reply with "I like this.", it adds clutter and makes it seem like there's a really good idea to implement when in reality it's usually very incomplete and not very useful.

Instead, try to develop it using your own brain, add to it. "I like (x), we could use it in (y). Maybe change it so (z)."

If a suggestion post includes too many general ideas feel free to make another dedicated to something you thought is good and should receive more focus rather than get lost in a general suggestion that has too many random undeveloped ideas.