Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any question reply here, I promise to try and answer.

  • How do I get spells? / When will classes be hosted? / How do I know if class starts?

    Go to classes. Classes will be announced when they are going to start, and the times each class are going to start can be viewed by pressing the Class Schedule verb in your 'Commands' tab.
    Classes will begin and end somewhere between the time frame listed in Class Schedule, they will not necessarily begin or end exactly on the hour.
    If your TWC window is minimized it will flash orange when a class or an event occurs.

  • Are there any classes on weekends?

    There are 3 random unscheduled at Saturday and another 3 at Sunday.

  • How do I level up? / What is the fastest way to level up?

    You can level up by killing monsters or reading books
    The fastest way to level up right now is reading books.
    If you're under level 6, start reading the white books called 'Book of Peace'

  • What book should I read for level X?

    Book Guide can be found here.
    All books give same amount of EXP based on your level.

  • How do I become X Year?

    Year Guide can be found here.

  • How do I get money?

    You can get money by killing monsters or winning events.
    A guide can be found here.

  • How do I get items(Clothes, Invisibility Cloak, Broom etc)?

      - Players is the best source of items, ask around maybe you can buy something cheap.
      - There are two shop centers in TWC: Diagon Alley(The place you start at) and Hogsmeade(South of Hogwarts).
         Diagon Alley - You can buy wigs, information books and wands.
         Hogsmeade - You can buy joke items, brooms and invisibility cloak.

  • What are Bags of Goodies?

    Bag of goodies can be bought at Green Men's shop at Hogsmeade, when you open them you get a random item.
    You have chance to get a scarf(Few basic colors, not all), scroll, bucket, bling or salamander drop wand.

  • Where do I get a wand?

    At Ollivander's wand shop in Diagon Alley(The place you start at), wands cost 100 gold.

  • Does it matter what wand you get from Ollivander?

    Ollivander wands have random name, it doesn't matter what wand you get, they're all the same, the only difference is their color.
      - There are rare wands you win in events(Not from Ollivander), those wands just have special color.
      - Holiday wands have special color and a spell attached to them, those wands can not be traded. (You can win those in holiday events)

  • How do you make macros? / Can I use my keyboard for commands? / Do I have to right click books and click 'Read Book'?

    You can make macros, macros will allow you to bind a verb to a key (How to make macros).

  • How do you whisper?

    Input [w] at the start of your Say message (Say "[w] ~insert text here~")

  • What are stats?

    There are 4 stats: HP, MP, Damage and Defense.
       - HP(Health Points): decides how much damage you can take before you are knocked out.
       - MP(Magic/Mana Points): decides how many spells you can use before you need to meditate, you require a certain amount of MP to use each spell, if you do not have enough MP, you can not cast the spell.
       - Damage: Decides the damage of certain spells (Glacius uses Damage stat, if you have 1231 Damage, your Glacius projectile will do 1231 damage).
       - Defense: Increases your HP and also increases the effect of defensive spells such as protego.

  • How can I see my stats?

    You can see your stats in your Stats tab.

  • Can I see how many stat points I have? / How do I gain stat points?

    You can see how many stat points you have in "Stats" tab.

  • What are spell points? / How do I gain more spell points?

    Spell points allow you to learn any spell taught in classes, you require 5 spell points to learn a spell.
    You can gain more spell points by learning a spell you already know in class.

  • Can I see how many spell points I have?

    You can see how many spell points you have in "Stats" tab.

  • Where can I do quests?

    There are few quest NPCs around TWC, explore and talk to them, I suggest starting with Professor Palmer, he is found at Hogsmeade near the entrance to Diagon Alley.

  • How do I finish Tom's bar quest?

    You need to pull a lever at the end of Tom's basement aswell as kill the rats.
    You will need to know how to move in diagonals, a guide can be found here.

  • What's 'SK'?

    School/Safezone Kill ~ Do not harm other players within safezones without permission:
                                      - Inside Hogwarts Castle
                                      - Diagon Alley - excluding any Clan HQ that may/may not exist there
                                      *Note: If you are harmed within a safezone without permission, you are responsible for contacting a GM to handle the situation.
    Currently it isn't possible to attack within safe zones, if you can attack in safe zones contact a GM and it will be sorted out. This will fall under "Do not bug abuse" in such a case.

  • What does GCOM / DADA / COMC means?

    GCOM - General Course of Magic
    DADA - Defense Against Dark Arts
    COMC - Care of Magical Creatures

  • How do I join Aurors / Deatheaters?

    You need to be recruited by the clan.
    Clan joining tips can be found here.
    Clan rules can be found here.

  • What are events?

    Events are activities hosted by TWC's staff, normally prizes are given during those activities.

  • When do events occur?

    Most events occur at random times, sometimes GMs schedule events and post it on the forums.
    Monthly Events:
        - House Cup Ceremony

  • What does [Spell] do? Is there a spell guide?

    A spell guide can be found here.
    It is an incomplete and inaccurate guide though, so pay attention!
  • How can I move diagonally?

    Diagonal movement guide can be found here.

  • What is the difference between keys to guest keys? / What are guest keys? / How can I get a key?

    Players on BYOND have the option of creating a free user account, which gives them an identity other than "Guest" to use online. You can do that now, or at any time you like later on.

    You can get a key by registering to BYOND here, if you choose to play BYOND games without a key your  guest key information is saved on the computer you use, meaning on other computers you won't be able to access your savefile.

    An account will keep saved game information, let you earn medals for your accomplishments, and give you a unique identity protected by your password.

    For more information Click Here.

  • Are Deatheaters/Aurors players or NPCs/AI?

    Deatheaters and Aurors are players, if you'd like to join a clan, clan joining tips can be found here.



Are the death eaters players or npcs?
The guy hoping to learn every spell possible :)


Updated some answers to recent updates, added "Are Deatheaters/Aurors players or NPCs/AI?".


what do you mean by learning a spell you already know?


When you go to a class, you learn a spell at the end of the class. The spell taught in class is decided by the teacher and is global, if he's going to teach Accio, you'll all learn Accio even if you learnt Accio yesterday.

But what if you already learnt Accio? What good will it be going to another class about Accio? That's learning a spell you already know.