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Started by Alexander, August 13, 2018, 10:38:38 AM

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Hello, whoever is currently spear-heading development

My name is Alex, although I was a player a very (VERY) long time ago. At the time, I was very ambitious in helping in any way I could, mostly in finding graphics.

However, nowadays I'm finishing school for programming, and really enjoying it. I am looking for some on-the-side work (for fun, to keep active), and I thought of TWC. I know in the past Murrawhip had made the game open-source, so that many people could contribute. I'd love to talk to whoever is leading this, go over what might need to be worked on. No GM or special privileges needed.

I see the game is down (which is rare to my understanding). If anyone has details about this, or who to contact, please let me know here.



Add me on Discord.




Looking to add to development team to finish a few things for potential Christmas launch.

Interested in:
- People who can program/code
- People who can icon/map

Have prepaid for essentials to ensure successful launch. Willing to further pay for things you may deem necessary in your work.

Must be willing to regularly distribute work to GitHub as per terms of license.

Add me on Discord Supreme#0479 to discuss further.