[Guide] How to play TWC with a gamepad

Started by MaxIsJoe, January 12, 2018, 01:57:00 AM

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Last few updates BYOND (the engine that TWC runs on) introduced full gamepad support for games, this is of course extremely useful if you want to stop using your mouse and keyboard for a bit and relax your back while hunting monsters or dueling players, however, please notice that this won't be full replacement for the keyboard and mouse as you will still need them to chat and do some specific actions that needs a mouse

Alright, let's get into this!

So to start working on mapping your gamepad you will need to access the Options and Messages menu, this can be opened if you press the F1 button OR click on File > Options and Messages OR you can click on the game's icon at the top to have quick access to other options like ReConnect, Screenshot, Command,etc

Now, let's pause here, I ask you to follow Kazu's "How to Make marcos!!!" Tutorial before we continue ask we will need Marcos to map them on our gamepad.
Once you have learned how to do that make a quick marco for the AFK command that's mapped to the ALT key.

Are you done? sweet! Let's now start mapping our gamepad

Once you have opened the GamePad Mapping menu click on New Mapping and select the start button inside the action box then at the map to box select the alt key that you made for the AFK button

Hit ok and we're done! if you test it right now you will go AFK once you press the start button and now you know how to map your gamepad however you like, you can assign spells, quick functions, etc but always remember that you will still need to use your mouse and keyboard sometimes for a lot of things (Mainly chatting)

Hope this guide was useful and if you have any questions please ask me below.
I come with memes to trade and yeets to be made