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Started by Rotem, January 31, 2017, 04:52:01 PM

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Hello TWC,

The decision has been made to cancel the server subscription and shut down TWC's main server, we will continue to host TWC until 21st February.

To those interested in socializing on TWC or keeping in contact with people from TWC, I recommend getting online during those final weeks and sharing social contact details and perhaps spending the time we have left together on TWC.

I titled this post as "TWC Main Server" because TWC will still be open sourced and anyone can start their own server and continue TWC, we will be backing up TWC's savefiles in case we will want to wake it up in the future but it's probably not a near future.

Personally, I feel like I'd still want to develop TWC, it's more of a hobby for me, I don't know what the future holds or whether I'd touch TWC again, I make no promises but you never know, hell, maybe someone else will take the source and make a wonderful new era of TWC.

It's been a wonderful time on TWC, I basically grew up on TWC, it was my teenage years, I intend to stay in contact with my friends and treasure my memories of that time and so should you.


Going to put it here because this might be interesting to some.

Alex Vander Meulen Oh come on now guys I'll pay for the server.
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Rotem Eek
Rotem Eek It's a bit more complicated than this, neither Murra nor me are interested in paying or running it. I can't really speak for Murra but for me, I feel as if TWC is in coma on life support and throwing money at it isn't going to fix it.

I don't know how to fix TWC, I don't know how to make the community thrive and like it, I don't even play or log on it anymore, I just update it from time to time as a hobby.

TWC's open source, it can resurface, I just don't want to enable the illusion of a TWC in coma anymore.

As of right now, the thought of bringing it back up for things like TWC Idol or "reunion" has crossed my mind but I don't want to make promises and it's probably going to be temporary


Both ain't new but will do!


Sorry to see the main server go, however, you're doing the right thing. If interest ever gains again we'll see TWC come back, if not, at least it's open source for anyone who ever wishes to host it as their own.

Perhaps we could hold a good-bye ceremony before TWC goes away (the 19th or 18th might work best for most people, though I'm busy during those days) to see familiar faces before it goes offline.

Either way, good luck to you Rotem, to the friends I've made in this game and to all who have played TWC as their childhood dream.

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I am deeply saddened of this news. I will make a formidable effort to engage over the next few weeks until closure.

To everybody else, a new server is already in the works based on a spin off idea I had several years ago. The new server will include a combination of nostalgic content and fresh new content.

I welcome anyone who would like to support this project with their talent in programming or iconning.

This would also be an opportunity for people who have served the game to kick back, relax and let others do the work so that they can finally have time to enjoy the game again.

For those who I will not speak to again, thank you for the enjoyable journey during my youth. I had a fantastic time. Hopefully we may still have more to come.

My thanks and best wishes to Murrawhip, Rotem, Justin and the development team.



Aww man this is making me want to cry. I grew up on this game. I discovered Harry Potter when I was 4 and I watched every movie that came out and then read the books.

I just randomly found out that there was a Harry Potter online game and it made me really excited. I didn't know even a tiny bit of English back then and just straight up button mashed my way into creating a new character and used a translator most of the time.

I remember doing all sorts of player-made events such as mazes made by Jace and Link, etc. The game was something new and exciting for me and I was having a blast. I just randomly decided to show it to a friend that also liked HP a bit. I showed him the game and he was hooked. Then another player and then another. I brought 6-7 players into the game. Problem is we were troublemakers that didn't know English and were just playing for fun and not to be powerful.

I showed the game to a player known as LionelL MesSi or w/e his in game name was. He was the biggest troublemaker out of all of us but also the highest level and he was also an Auror. He played the game nonstop and had a blast. We really were kind of jealous. But just because he was the biggest troublemaker doesn't mean me and Papi weren't. We duplicated items and did a lot of dumb shit that got us banned. Of course we were retarded kids and just begged for a second chance which was always given by Rotem.

By the middle of Summer 2012 I kind of quit TWC and did a shitty thing, I hosted a RIP. This is what got me banned for a long time and this is why a lot of people hate me to this day. Ofc I stopped hosting it and apologized and got back in the game. When the game shutdown in 2012 Me and my friends were really really sad and didn't know what to play or do. We were just kind of searching for a new game which we never found.

So here comes April 2013 I see a video of TWC being revived and I immediately tell my friends. LionelL was hyped and so was Svetli, the others not so much. So we waited and waited till the game popped up. We were one of the first to login when it came back in 2013. We got our wands and stuff and went to book read. I was still inactive and didn't play to be powerful or get high level. LionelL on the other hand was working hard to get into the Aurors and level cap. I tried getting into the Aurors but dueling was just way too hard for me so I gave up and became inactive once again.

I came back in September 2013 ready to play for real. LionelL was level capped and in the Auror Academy led by Amy M I think. I was hyped about playing. One month passed and LionelL either got banned or quit I can't remember but he probably got banned. Svetli wasn't around so I decided to play by myself. For the first time ever I started leveling and earning gold and items.

In December of 2013 I had acquired a bit of gold and a bit of items that were hard earned from events and from farming. So I, being the dumb shit I am decided to give Dazzler my account because he offered to level it up for me while I sleep. Of course he seemed friendly and I gave it to him. Tomorrow my character was empty. Of course I cried to every admin possible but it was my fault and I deserved it for being dumb. So I started over.

I started learning bit by bit how to duel and started earning items and gold once again. Trained by Severus and also Dazzler who I became friends with and also Julian and also Turb and a bit from every player I became decent at dueling. Not great or anything but just decent. I started getting noticed from DEs and Aurors but didn't become one due to my troublemaker past.

Later on I joined the playermade clan named Dragons. Yeah you all know that story I don't need to tell it once again. When I was in the Dragons I also joined Aurors under Leah ( probably the worst HA ) I was there for a few weeks then I got kicked or left can't remember.

Later on after all that Dragons Bloodlust shit happened I joined DEs. Yeah I don't know how my retarded ass got hired but yeah I joined them and I was dueling a lot.

So after that Dragons vs Bloodlust hype died out the game pretty much because a bit boring. Every day got more boring and boring and eventually I became inactive.

Next year I decide to login and I find out that there were a lot of new people such as Apeiro who farmed and was immersed by the game just like I was a year or more ago. It made me feel good because I know what it is to get immersed by a game and give a lot of time to it. I used to have fun on TWC but now it's just not the same. It's probably because I got older or maybe the game got more complex but that's the truth for me.

I will always remember TWC, I will always remember every friend I made every enemy I made and everyone I ever talked to. The game will always be a part of my heart and the place where I grew up! Even if the main server stops it doesn't mean the community shuts down too! We can still talk we can still chat we can still play any game possible! That's just my story and thoughts on the greatest game I every played, The Wizards' Chronicles.

- Vanchi, Fireflash, Wafflecakes, Bloodlust Xavin, Renegade Vanchi and all the other names I went by.
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This is bittersweet.

While I'm sad that TWC's main server will be gone, I'm also very happy and thankful for all the fun this game gave me throughout my time growing up. I really did feel like I grew up with this game, going by one alias all the way in 2011 (Cookies), and coming back to the game as a completely new person (DuhCosmicApple).

All the clan activity, events, dueling, roleplaying, and even the drama, none of it I will forget. So many people in this community I will never forget :)

Don't be sad it's over, be happy that it happened~



Just wanted to say you've done a phenomenal job running the game and keeping it alive Rotem. Much respect! Thank you for everything.

I agree on a going away party! Let's organize it. I'll start a thread.

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 :'( R.I.P TWC one of the games that give me the most nostalgic feeling when ever i think of it its just happy times i hope to see someone revive it in the future but until then lets all reminisce on the good times that we all had. :'(
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Lets be honest you will just get banned again if it comes back.


Quote from: Justin on March 15, 2017, 05:54:03 PMLets be honest you will just get banned again if it comes back.
i gasped when i saw this bc it is so funny