Experimental Movement

Started by Rotem, November 01, 2016, 11:39:12 PM

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TWC was updated with a new experimental movement setting you should try out.

The setting is not on by default and doesn't save, if you like it, you most definitely must let me know. It might have a few glitches as well so make sure to report any hiccups.

The reason for this is that when 511 hits with high client side fps the normal repeat macros we've used to this day feel sluggish as if you lag, they have very low responsiveness. I can not exactly ditch the old movement nor can I allow TWC to become a relic of the past stuck with 10 FPS forever.

The solution was having a toggle button for whatever movement scheme you may want. Once whatever bugs are fixed and it's sorted out, we'll have it on by default with the option for old style movement for those who would want it.

In this experimental movement, diagonal keys serve no purpose, they are not functional, all you get is the arrow keys, mixing them you get diagonals. This is a lot more intuitive for new players which is why it'd be on by default. This also solves the need to macro diagonals if you're using a laptop.

Try it out and let me know your thoughts.

Pro tip: using this movement mode makes it a lot easier to wall hump and search for secret passages.


This doesn't seem nice for dueling pressing two keys for diagonal isn't good imo
You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.


Obviously with new movement there would be new dueling. Your old ways of dueling will go out the window unless you adapt and are able to maintain your style that is. Not that Diagonals are even needed for dueling. The only issue I have with the experimental movement is the fact if I wanted to go diagonal if I hold it for a bit too long it will skip two spaces ahead diagonally. It is too smooth and delayless for me. :)


Old style duelists can just tick the option for old movement. I've updated to fix 3 bugs with new movement and added diagonal keys for new movement, they use old type diagonal keys with new arrow key movement, a hybrid of sorts for those who'd want it.

Movement macros still work as well, I'm just saying, when client side FPS is increased, it just feels sluggish. I'd probably have to look into "Old style FPS" option after as well, so you get the whole old style experience with your repeat macros.

It'll be all there in the options and I'm still tweaking to make it more comfortable.

The prime difference between the two is that old movement halts your verb usage, you can't move and fire Glacius at same time, not really, new movement allows it causing you to hit yourself often, this probably the biggest thing you'd have to adapt for when dueling but technically speaking it allows you to accomplish more.