16.67 Halloween Update

Started by Rotem, October 15, 2016, 03:14:46 PM

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Update 16.67 is out, come explore the fresh new and temporary Halloween content. Quick reminder before I continue that trick or treat week is still going to occur as announced in previous post. Come visit from 23rd October to Halloween, it'll be fun!

As for the update, here's a trimmed down changelog: (full changelog found here)

  • There is a new zombie invasion random event, you can fight off zombies but be careful, you might end up becoming a zombie yourself.
  • Temporary Halloween quest line, completely new, 3 quests with an unique reward.
  • New pumpkin monster that will be temporarily on the map, this monster can be tamed for a pumpkin pet.
  • Added resurrection stone. There's also death animation, try it out and give your feedback, dark souls fans will love it.
  • New duel tournament random event, using matchmaking arena (No gold or skill rating loss involved).

Of course there's more changes and bug fixes, if you're interested you can review the full changelog.