Death Animation Feedback

Started by Rotem, October 14, 2016, 12:21:15 PM

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This is me asking for feedback about a new feature introduced in Halloween update.

Dying now triggers a "You died!" screen message with fading to black and waking up in hospital wing, a whole transition that takes 7 seconds, this also means that you no longer instantly spawn, there's now a sort of respawn delay of 7 seconds.

This might have drastic impact on gameplay, it looks nice, it might add meaning to death but it might also be too long. Reducing it from 7 seconds or making it skip-able is an option but first we must give it a chance, review and change if required, this is why I'm making this post.

Please wait with your feedback until the update, reply once you reviewed it, the update will hit soon.


I have no issues with it, other than when facing the black blade alone. It has too much time to spawn it's army of swords that way and can be overwhelming.


I don't think you even take much notice of it. It's the fastest 7 seconds ever.