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Started by Rotem, October 12, 2016, 04:09:41 PM

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QuoteSlightly further in the future 'plan' is fully customizable housing (starting with slightly customizable). I definitely don't want to have these huge 'student housing' maps though, so I'm thinking of something more along the lines of a limited amount of house plots, which you can rent by bidding the highest amount in an auction for an as-yet undecided amount of time. (A week?) Your house would be 'saved' and could be 'loaded' into another plot if you paid for one again at some point. Maybe people could make some gold selling pretty house designs or whatever.

How much is this desired?


I'm confused. Would that mean that we would "lose" the house after a while if someone bids on it? Like the idea of the shops?


More of custom maps, the map is saved, a blueprint of a house Sara made for example but right now Blaze has his house with his map loaded. So your house would not be lost but inaccessible.


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priorty wise the halloween content was done today, I wanted to look into Quidditch, we got a new map for it but I scrapped the old shit completely but haven't actually made anything yet.

I keep getting new ideas and I rush to do them, I really wanted to give Quidditch a try so that's on my list.
There's also a new dungeon floor with new monster we started working on but paused.

I can't say I really have a priority, it just takes a life of it's own and leads me rather than me it. One change triggers another leading to a steady flow of new content that links with previous content.

About Quidditch, I'd sort of rather wait for stable 511 for better client side FPS. It'd be nice to have more activities on TWC that aren't fight related though.