Deatheaters vs Aurors

Started by Rotem, September 01, 2016, 07:37:46 AM

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In servers where community is craving for Aurors vs Deatheaters, the old wear robes verbs could be added back and given to major guilds who already have access to the clan HQs.

Furthermore, how a major guild is selected can be changed from 'election' once a week based off reputation to manual selection or whatever else the server's management chooses.

This is a suggestion that requires maybe 10 minutes of work and I think solves one of the bigger dilemmas when using TWC's newest version.

Whether you choose retro, the same or some alternative method, you can tweak the current system to suits your needs rather easily without any requirement for SQL.

As for practical tips to implement this, simply pull up old code for wear robes, put it in and similar to how you give GM verbs on login, you give members of the major guild their wear robes verb.

Election for major guilds should be somewhere in status effects code file, you can comment out the entire proc to swap it into manual, which requires editing world.sav but I'm sure you can find many save editors for that.
(You can also get creative but that's up to you)

Besides above tips, you could take it a step further by changing text messages that may or may not irritate you.



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You can't bring something back that never was gone in the first place. :)


Quote from: Justin on July 13, 2017, 02:18:13 PMYou can't bring something back that never was gone in the first place. :)


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omg people still posted on this in july wow


Thanks for keeping it going in August.

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