TWC Reunion

Started by Rotem, August 19, 2016, 10:09:17 AM

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Hey there!

This year everyone usually involved in twc idol wasn't around, we gathered 1-2 entries and just didn't really host idol. Which is a shame, that event wasn't just about TWC Idol, some singing contest, it was about one day a year that we gathered around together and caught up with each other, it was our yearly reunion.

This reunion is important and we need to do it again this year. I've enabled prom changing room you can start planning prom dress/tux and such, it's a fun activity we've added to TWC Idol overtime, this year however we'll be calling it our yearly reunion. It isn't about costume contest or a singing contest, it's about us getting together and catching up for old times sake.

We've yet to pick a precise date, right now 27th seems to be ideal for our reunion weekend and prom. By we I mean, us, including you, we're all part of TWC's community. I hope to see old faces I haven't seen for awhile, once upon a time we've had a lot of fun together.

Players are *already* responding to this post and showing up in TWC, come say hello as well!

I've just added the following 30 items to the GM rare prize pool for them to give out in events this week and during the reunion:
3 soul crystals
2 firebolts
a pimp ring
super vampire potion
super speed potion
super felix felicis potion (luck)
immortality potion
a pet wolf
blood stone
2 pet chests
3 master keys
3 summer chests, limited edition and 2 normal summer chests
3 prom chests, limited edition and 2 normal prom chests
The limited editions contain earmuffs
2 basic wig chests (contain brown wig)
And finally, the rarest player wand, mulberry wand.

*Note: if you get a white screen when you login, update your installed BYOND version to latest stable.


TWC Idol be like:

TWC Prom be like:

Ravenclaw Graduate

Head Auror
MagDeluxe Reporter
Charms Professor
COMC Professor


I also put 30% global drop rate bonus, I'll up it to 60% during the reunion weekend.


Anyone willing to DJ during the week, the weekend and perhaps host/DJ during prom?