Upcoming Update 16.59

Started by Rotem, August 16, 2016, 10:19:04 PM

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I got an update ready including vampire wings, stone golem boss and the elder wand as discussed in suggestion board.

I'm uncertain about "Earthbender" title that stone golem drops, Kole believes it's too avatar-ish and since he made the golem icon I respect his opinion but I can't come up with an alternative, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

Here's a sneak peak of the current changelog:

- Corpse decay time drastically reduced (Rotem)
- Key outline icon (Justin)
- Added item outline glow, currently only for keys (Rotem)
- Increases invisibility cloak price to 60k (Rotem)
- Broom prices were increased (Rotem)
- Wand power values were changed based on rarity, not all wands are equal now (this only takes effect if your wand has a level) (Rotem)
- Added vampire wings super potion, spells don't effect this type flight (Rotem)
- Added an animation to Water/ice conversion (Rotem)
- Stone golem icon (Kole)
- Added Stone Golem event boss (Rotem)
- Added elder wand concept, whoever slays stone golem, harnesses the elder wand's magic power, elder wand power makes every equipped wand more powerful than any other wand (wand level does matter) (Rotem)
- Added a pet rock, do you want pet rock? (Rotem)
- Added Earthbender title, dropped by Stone Golem (Rotem)
- The colored magic pillars now have a purpose, by solving 8 riddles at the pillars you can spawn one of three events, one of which is stone golem's but stone golem event can only be started once a week (Rotem)

- Removed few winter leftovers (Rotem)
- Fixes wand blindness bug (Rotem)
- Added light to aggravate (Rotem)
- Fixed mask shopping (Rotem)
- Fixed text bug with reputation shops (Rotem)
- Fixed map reputation area loading (Rotem)
- Fixed teleporting in potions room (Rotem)
- Imitatus text fix (Rotem)
- Slight change to map size onLoad (Rotem)
- Aqua Eructo didn't damage willy the wisp when it should (Rotem)
- Minor map fixes (Rotem)

Keep in mind things might change in this list, it isn't "rock solid".
Also, make sure to let me know of any bugs you encountered so that fixes will get in the update.


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Make the title "Earthshaker" or "Earthquake" instead. I do like Earthbender but it does put me in mind of Avatar.


Already updated. And so what if it's related to avatar? I throw "easter eggs" like that everywhere, it's my humour, it's amusing.
It's just a title that appears in who, I didn't go on and add earth bending spells accompanied with a dance dance revolution mat.


Apparently the reputation bug didn't get fixed. I tried killing vampires earlier and still got 0.5 reputation from some of them.


huh, I thought you're talking about another bug.


There was another bug regarding vampires and reputation?