Upcoming Update (Version 16.56)

Started by Rotem, April 13, 2016, 08:02:01 PM

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So, you've all been waiting for something juicey and I was too, BYOND strongly implies it's about to declare out the next stable build which means I can finally shove in all the cool shit from the beta versions.

I know that, this doesn't sound impressive unless you've actually spent time lurking in BYOND forums watching what people achieved with it and even then, I'm not sure you connected the dots about what that means, so allow me to speak in terms you'll understand: Lumos, we're adding Lumos... and cat's eye potion or whatever else it should be named.

Aside from that I've applied a few fixes as well as an improvement to the "beta" map mode, I've also removed completely the old map mode, you can still get it to work by editing your skins but I don't really want you to.

At this time, I do not plan to add any new clothing, quests or any sort of content that you yourself can add, the game is open source, I feel like I've laid a ton of groundwork and simplified a lot: scripting quests, adding monsters or items, it's never been easier.

I've responded and explained previously how quests work, it's a very easy thing to do. I also made it clear we can give voice to NPC, if you wanna try voice acting, give it a go.

So, to summerize, Lumos, we're adding Lumos.


I have completed the changes, I also added more potions in, rare potions.

We're only waiting on BYOND to announce a stable version which should happen very soon, probably this week.


From BYOND devblogs, it seems we'll be on beta for at least another week so I still can't update, although at this point I'm very tempted to switch TWC to the beta and force y'all to install it.

Sneak peak of current changelog:

- Map view mode was changed, you also can't switch back to older versions anymore (Rotem)
- Removed from settings 16x16 and stretch to fit options (Rotem)
- Daily chaos/peace tasks were slightly changed (Rotem)
- Day/Night light/darkness was redone, we no longer use a night overlay (Rotem)
- Lumos was added, obtainable normally like any other spell (Rotem)
- Added cat eyes potion (Rotem)
- Added 3 types of defense potion (Rotem)
- Added 3 types of damage potion (Rotem)
- Added felix felicis potion also known as liquid luck (Rotem)
- Increased invisibility potion duration to 45 seconds from 30 seconds (Rotem)
- Confundus was re-done with a new and different effect (Rotem)
- Changed monster icon resize method to downscaling from upscaling which results in less blurry big monsters (Rotem)
- Added second community wearable chest containing 3 new scarves: sky, party and hello scarves (Rotem)
- Community key price was changed to account for second chest (Rotem)
- Added pets, they have two follow patterns, toggled by clicking and can be leveled up to 30 (Rotem)
- Added 8 pet types: rat, pixie, dog, wolf, snake, troll, wisp and acromantula (Rotem)
- Added pet Customizition potions: growth, shrinking, color, decoloring and ghosting potions (Rotem)
- Special rare red monsters can spawn which have a chance to be tamed by knocking them out (Rotem)
- Farmer lamp now also increases the chance by 4 to spawn a rare red monster (Rotem)
- Added a taming potion which increases the chance for a red monster to be tamed (Rotem)
- Liquid luck also helps taming monsters but a taming potion is by far superior (Rotem)
- Added pet experience potion (Rotem)
- Added a brand new pet chest containing pet treats, obtainable from treasure hunt and other common chest reward events (Rotem)
- Added pet chest key to artifact shop (Rotem)
- Added 4 pet candies: fire, leaf, sun and rare candies. Each candy improves your pet differently. (Rotem)
- Pet candy icon (Kole)

- Text fix with whispers (Justin)
- Fixes grass edges at Spider Pit (Justin)
- Fixed how gold variables are read in new BYOND version (Rotem)
- Fixes opacity issues with roof edges (Rotem)
- Removed unused spells from teach list (Rotem)
- Fixed vault/character save wipe bug (Justin)