Potion Master Contest!

Started by Rotem, January 18, 2016, 08:17:16 AM

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Let's have a contest!

Think of a potion TWC doesn't have (We only have 3 types so that part is easy). It can be a useful potion or a joke/graphic potion, maybe a roleplay potion.

There's a whole post in suggestion board with ideas but I want more, I want something different something fun, the type of potions you'll rush to discover and make you feel like a true potion master.

Think about the potion's name, the effect, what it'd do in game, how it'd look, the more details the better, hell, it doesn't have to be doable, you can even attach a wee bit of history and lore about that potion, let's just be creative.

Reply here with your potion creations, are you a true potion master? LET'S FIND OUT.


The stone body potion!

Tired of those pesky jokesters pushing you around all the time? Do you want rock hard abs?
Well this potion is for you! It makes you immune to the effects of flippendo and depulso, at the cost of moving
slowly as if you're on quicksand. Oh and don't even think about getting on a broom, you won't even get off the ground.
Just don't try to weigh yourself if you drink it.


I really liked the concept of, people exploring gathering ingredients then discovering mad potions, the purpose of this contest is to find out what type of potions people are excited for.

Transfiguration potions, appearance changes, combat usability or even joke potions, it doesn't matter to me because we're just trying to add content, useful or otherwise.

Yo, HP fans, wake up, this is your dream come true, use it! Help me deliver you what you wanted for so long.


Potion 1 : Blindness Potion (Mirky white colour)
Like the spell Obscuro/Conjunctivis, this potion will make the target temporarily blind giving the thrower a chance to escape death or just to be used as a prank. This potion is throwable. But be careful that you don't hit yourself with the splash otherwise you will blind yourself too!

Potion 2 : Polyjuice Potion! (Grey/Green colour)
Drink this and turn into whoever you want! After you have made the potion, add the hair of the person you want to turn into and experience what it's like to be them. This potion lasts for 2 minutes and makes you look like the person (clothes as well) and also enter their common room! Once the potion wears off, you get teleported out of the common room if you're in there as if the prefects had pushed you out. Once the potion has worn off, you can't used the same persons hair again for 24 hours.

Potion 3 : Felix Felicis (Golden Colour)
Drink this and have luck for 15 minutes! This potion once used grants the drinker 50% EXP increase, 25% drop rate increase and 100% Gold increase from mobs. Once the potion wears off, it can't be used for another 6 hours (if you have more of the potion).

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Sassy Pixie Potion

A potion that's the same colour as pixies. Temporarily gives you pixie wings and increases your health by 10% to give you that extra sass.


You already saw some of these potions mentioned in a post I created before, however these are the ones I actually want to see put into the game.

Flagrate Potion - Will change the user's Flagrate to a different random color. Duration of the potion will be permanent until changed. Icon will be a potion container with a rainbow of colors kept inside.

Love Potion - Makes the drinker fall in love with the first person they first come in contact with (whoever is closest to the player at the time). Basically it will make them follow that one person for (x) amount of time during that time they will say random things like "I love you very much", or "Your hair sparkles like sunshine mist coming from the water", you get the idea. This would be good for kidnapping people if you slip this into their food or whatever (also an alternative to follow I guess). The person who took the potion would also see occasional hearts flying by. Good for valentine's day tricks. Icon is a potion bottle with a pink heart in the center in a red juice background.

KO Potion - Instantly knocks out whoever takes the potion for 2mins. Useful for knocking yourself or your friends out (even better if force feeding potions becomes a thing). Icon is a potion bottle full of black. Note: Can still be depulso'd/flippendo'd. Cannot be sold on auction.

Amnesiac Potion - Makes the drinker say random sayings they heard before by other players. Useful for interrogation purposes (if force feeding a potion is ever a thing). Icon is a light blue and white potion bottle.

Madness Potion - For those who can't fight this potion will make the drinker go crazy and attack anything that's in their way. The drinker will shoot random spells at random times. Icon is a potion with a purplish-brown color swirl to it.

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