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Pixel Art

Started by Rotem, January 07, 2016, 10:04:31 AM

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Art is being sent to me often and 99% of the time certain flaws exist, if an icon you are about to post has those flaws, please correct them first.

  • We aren't interested in art that is not original, TWC is already using professional placeholder icons that are only placeholders because they're ours.
  • Contain shades of colors that are too similar to a point you can't tell them apart.
  • Has too many colors without a reason.
  • Pillow shaded.
  • If the icon is made for sidescroller/platformers or topdown perspective.
  • If the current placeholder is better, don't bother. We won't trade a professional icon for a bad icon.

If you do not understand what something means, google it. I will not care about any icon submitted that has even 1 of those flaws.
As an aspiring pixel artist you must improve your work, I understand it's annoying to sit down google and read pixel art guides but one must study to perfect.

*Justin should feel free to edit this.