Winter is here? Is it?

Started by Rotem, December 03, 2015, 09:16:30 AM

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Greetings from Israel where it's still warm, somewhat.

I've updated TWC to 16.44, the changelog is small but if you've read it this little text would've caught your eye "- Super secret winter event stuff (Rotem)".

There's 2 secrets you can enjoy already in the game, one of them will be revealed to you very soon while the other will take a bit longer, the winter event changes are temporary and will be removed in a month or two, I will reveal that you can now obtain some of the most rare items that have ever been added to TWC without a GM's help via winter secrets.

You're allowed to share info you find, I hid all I wanted in the source and changelog so don't worry, tell your friends whatever you want.

As we get closer to new years and people get their winter break I'll release another update adding more secrets for you to uncover, one of which is obviously the christmas hat, if you haven't obtained that hat previously you will be able to this year again.

I wish you happy winter and hope you'll remain with us this year as well.


On a side note, I went over ban logs and unbanned exactly 4 people, the list is quite long and I went over each key and read the despicable actions they've done if I missed your key and you think you should be unbanned you're welcome to send me a private message, chances are noone will do that because the people in the ban list don't care to play but hey at least they have a way to get unbanned.