Big time coming for October 30th and October 31st

Started by Sara, October 11, 2015, 03:47:57 PM

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It's that time again! Halloween is approaching us. We're going to have a way for everyone to get involved this year! That's right! We're gonna get costumes involved! So to start off the creativity minds of you all, I wanna make it as a costume contest.

Be creative and appropriate in what you create and have fun while making it.

I know most of you think you aren't good with iconing, but give it a try first. We have things being planned for those two days! Hope to see you there!

Male Base

Female Base


Prom changeroom is enabled, you can go and try out your costumes.
We're also enjoying a 10% drop rate bonus, stacks with other bonuses.

I also disabled opening gifts, so that you can use any gift wrappings you have and give your friends gifts, your friend will be able to open them at Halloween.


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