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Started by Rotem, September 05, 2015, 04:00:07 AM

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Quote from: Skystone on October 03, 2015, 09:26:13 AM
Quote from: Rotem on October 03, 2015, 03:32:50 AM
My opinion also shifted from removing hp content. Instead we can make it into HP parody, this allows the use of HP content with the lame jokes I'm already attempting all over the place. However this also means I get to troll everyone on a whole other level, prepare your an--- mango.

Can you elaborate more on this?

Awhile ago I saw a game on steam that isn't published by Rockstar games yet was clearly using GTA V's copyrighted content, it was a parody game called 'NotGTAV'

"NotGTAV is a ruthless Snake-like parody of GTAV set in the UK. Join us on a shonky hand-drawn voyage across Britain's green and pleasant lands. Play as Daffyd, Darren and British Prime Minister David Cameron in this satirical cult-hit game. Not for the easily offended."

The way they use GTA V's title to draw publicity and improve their marketing legally and make money out've someone else's successful work -might- be applied here however we're far from being a parody and I'm not a lawyer. I wouldn't know which route we're better to take.

If TWC was legal and had income, you could buy art, it would also be immortalized because it won't need Murra to pay server expenses and due to GitHub, noone will be able to actually say, "Ok I'm done, game's shut down now." The decision to open source was great. Now we just have to figure out how we can TWC a beneficial project, not for the profit of singular humans but for the profit of the community itself.


As a side note, you can constantly be posting your creations, best creations will get added if not in this chest then the next. Later this week the first chest should be added because royale female wig's finally done. We'll be getting stuff in yay.

After that update I'll open prom change room for the Halloween customs event thing.


Heart, snake, icarus, alien, booster, sunrise scarves will be added in.
I didn't like any shoes posted, there were quite a few more scarves I liked but I set out to add 6, the other nice ones will be added in next community chest.

In case you're curious, the scarves I'm adding aren't 'top rated' they were just posted first and I went from new to older till I had 6, the content you've been posting was actually looking better as you kept trying making new things, good work!

I'm not sure if there's enough content for the next community chest, keep in mind you can keep posting more work.


The second community wearable chest was added with 3 more scarves from this topic, I no longer however have any icons to extract from this post, please continue to stack up on wearable icons so that we'll live to see a third chest.