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Started by Rotem, September 05, 2015, 04:00:07 AM

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Let's run a contest of community wearable recolors, scarves, shoes, wands, blings, whatever can fit in a chest. Best recolors will be added to the very first community chest that doesn't include even 1 item made by Justin, yes that's right, Justin's items will be rejected for this chest.

You can reply to this post with the icons or send them to me in a private forum message, whatever works.


I am gonna try to icon some items today even if they look like shit lol
You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.


Made a Cotton Candy Set.
Without Earmuffs:

Without Wig:

I'll send the icon itself to you Rotem via PM.
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Due to gender issues I will not be accepting wigs.


Here is some item not used much with little rework...
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So I thought of making a valentine-y type scarf.


I recolored a scarf to make it resemble like a snake.
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How much time is left before you close this thread?
You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.



ll be doing a couple of sets (If school and time let me). Heres my first

Joker Set


Joker set oddly reminds me of dueling set


Heart scarf and snake scarf will be in, if you want Justin to go over it and fix it, it's your choice I won't be waiting on him though, when it's time to add it in it'll be added although I'll be waiting for more entries.

Justin's yet to send over the icons on his to-do list, we'll be updating without all the changes I wanted, I'd rather you guys start enjoying what I did already without further delay. We'll add it community chests and new autumn wearables when there's enough.

Rocketpop shoes are too similar to orange I can't see any different, you improve/change it.

I'm also pondering whether the bling should be added, let me know what you think about that one. Your call.

Earmuffs and wands are acceptable but if it's base colors or anything that reminds me of the base stuff, it'd be pointless, let's make community wearables a wee bit special.


I made some more random scarves... (Lets get rejected once more!)