Clan Joining Tips

Started by Rotem, January 01, 2011, 08:25:55 PM

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Both aurors and deatheaters have requirements

Asking everyone to join, gets you no where

Few tips:

  • You would want to become a good fighter
    Use projectiles(spells like inflamari, glacius, flippendo) + depulso while fighting.
    invisiblity, brooms, Crucio, transfiguration, Confundos etc <-- those won't help you get inside a clan.
  • You need make the clan want you, make them understand you are worthy, loyal and trustworthy.
  • Level 250-500 would be nice aswell. Nowadays level matters less however, high stats will certainly help, not just level.
  • Be active, I doubt any clan would want someone that is always offline.
  • Be friendly! Clans are teams, if you cant get along with others you shouldn't be in a clan working with others. If you are "unfriendly" with someone in a clan your chances of getting hired into that clan are drastically lowered.
  • Make them notice you, go out on the battlefield, fight DEs/Auors (You want them to notice you over good things, not bad things such as Crucio spam or begging).
  • Good English will certainly help, if you can't communicate with your teammates it's a disadvantage.

Granted if you follow all the above you will be hired.
If anyone has more good tips to add, feel free to reply to this post.

This post is not for people to ask to be hired into a clan, do not reply here asking Aurors/DEs to hire you.


If the HDE or HA wishes to reply here with more information, please do.
*Note: If you're not interested in revealing your identity, you can PM me what you want to post and I'll do it for you.