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Guilds and Families.
Also, Please refrain from any bashing, flaming and trolling as this is a serious suggestion.
I also know that this isnt really related to Harry Potter, But giving us players more things to do would bring some more players, and activity's for us to enjoy.

  • Choose from three guilds(Until more ideas).
  • Dueling Guild, Money Master Guild, Spell Master Guild.
  • New Areas' to explore, Places to hangout with friends after graduation and most importantly group fighting, giving more EXP in party groups.
  • More boss NPC's like basilisk.
  • Max Level rasied to 650, Allowing players to join guilds at level 600.
  • Guild Ranks within the guild, going by level 600-650 = Guild levels and not attained by Books, But attained by being community active, and enjoying the events made in these player owned guilds.
  • Guild events, Such as..... Money hunting tips for Money Guild, Dueling classes and tournaments for Dueling Guild, and Certain novice spells taught in the Spell master Guild. Players may join one guild and have the option to leave. If leaving the Spell master class, it would remove selected spells taught(not sure about that... So if anyone has ideas about how leaving the said guild would affect a player.

Reasoning behind my suggestion.
-Players want more things to do, I one of them, i spend a majority of time on TWC... Besides work and taking care of my son.
Many players need help with their dueling, clans are just focused about training whos in their clan.

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Did this in the version I was making, it was highly unfinished and somewhat in beta. For families, Players have the option to become head of the family for 600k gold;

  • Separate Houses, and options to furnish the house.
  • Gives players more space, to spread around the world and level in peace at the family mansion, play games and do other things family members would do.

Skill Setup for family, and how i visioned it.
I had a few select skills a family can choose from a list, and or in the future paying for a custom skill.

Wand-Lore; A skill based on creating wands. They have experienced knowledge when it comes to wands.
Snake-Lore; The family posses a unique talent, to withstand snake venom, create potions and poisons to use in battle.
- Thats all i had for now... How ever, skills can be like, 2% more exp and gold when leveling by books, 5% more Heath, and DMG increase when fighting mobs. Things like that, that dont effect PvP and how the dueling system works.

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The three guild idea is a little broken as one guild will have most the players and the others wont, similar to how houses are right now, ravenclaw and slytherin have the most players, meaning if any guild events occured that guild would gain all the points and be op and who would lead the guilds?
also family's is a family function i.e. 'bloodlust'

BUT i strongly agree with the new bosses idea, been thinking it should have been added ages ago, could have one with an event i.e. 'Fluffy' or the troll that walked into school in HP, which would require a group effort to kill it, having certain spells needed for different 'phases' i.e. disabling it or it 1 hits everyone 2 blocks away etc, and gives money/something with random amounts or random choice depending on either the effort made or for participating, it then gives lowbies a chance to maybe get a little bit of money, items, exp and to socialise with other players :)


Bump on the family system as we now have student housing