Adding Fun to TWC - The Collection

Started by Severus, September 30, 2013, 04:27:50 PM

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This post is designed for perhaps less complex ideas.

These could be daily things and easily practical ideas. I'll begin with a few things and you guys can just add on to this post with simplistic yet fun TWC future additions.

- More original GM events
GM's are great. Though, I'd like to see some more original events. It'd be nice to see some more player interactive and creative events for players. Mysteries, mazes, puzzles, adventures, etc. Either spontaneous or pre-promoted. Let's gel the community again.

- Room of Randomness
Just a room that moves weekly. Like the requirement. Except, this room contains a puzzle. The challenge is to find the puzzle and complete it for small reward. Nothing too extensive - larger events in future could of course elaborate on this idea.

- Ancient Ruins - "The Ruins of Diagon"
Maybe old parts of the map remade in to a small museum. Again nothing extensive. Perhaps the entry could be like the old HQ entry - blackness and move through tiles. There could be a few new statues and memorials in this room with some non-accessible or partly accessible structures in there such as Animation, old Head Auror/DE office/meet room, RoR, Reception, etc. Just significant places which is partly in one small map for memory and exploration.

- Quest
A new quest for a new item. Maybe if the above idea is played around with it could begin with history.

- Daily Prophet
An active DP would be fun.

- Interhouse Championships
Maybe some more interhouse events such as quidditch, quizzes, depulso ball, etc. House points being the obvious reward whilst individual prizes for voted/extremely achieving players during events.

- Vault Expansion
I know this was spoken about in the past. Any developments on this?

- Christmas Point Contest
Maybe from starting now, every player could have a new stat called "Christmas Points" that they collect until Christmas. Every time a player does something well they earn a certain amount of "Christmas Points" - i.e., answer every question in class and earn a Christmas point. Flying in school? Remove Christmas Points. Players who reach a certain target /or/ top 5 players with the most points /or/ other system could earn a really cool prize. Perhaps a dramatic plot twist for Christmas points could happen around Christmas Eve/Christmas Day where extreme points are distributed.

I'll keep adding to this list via new posts myself.

What do you think can add fun to TWC?


You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.


If you think about it, most of this is now in TWC.