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Title: Passive effects
Post by: Rotem on December 12, 2018, 01:33:57 AM
This post is a discussion for possible passive effect ideas.

Those effects would be gained either from passive -skills- you'd invest in, professions, items or your chosen house.

I do want to have special abilities or bonuses for each house.

It can be things like exp % bonus to x element or y profession or trigger farmer lamp effect or things like water walking.

Title: Re: Passive effects
Post by: Treach on December 12, 2018, 02:37:11 AM
Gryffindor - Lions Fire Passive effect: Being born brave, gryffindors have a passive effect to add a burning dmg over time to a target hit with any firespell. The damage is 1/3 of the users damage stat and calculated with their fire level. They have an increased chance and receiving slayer titles as well.| This gives them a passive for Fire Element, and tiles for being brave and taking on the mobs.

Hufflepuff - Earth Garden Passive effect: Being born with a natural talent when it comes with potions, and gathering ingredients. When they use Tremorio, a single tile mud field is place under dazing and slowing the target. Has a 15% chance to activate and increases .5 each level. Max is 40%. | This give them a passive for Farming and Earth.

Ravenclaw - The wise Raven Passive effect: Being natural at all traits, having the smarts compared to none. Ravenclaw find themself with a passive 10% exp boost when reading and studying together. They have a 15% chance to pull another houses passive effect, this increases by .2% up to year 5. So gaining 1% when year five. Increases 5% for each 100 levels over year 5. This caps at 40%. When using water spells they gain a 10% boost in damage. | This gives them a wisdom buff and a damage increase on water.

Slytherin- Like a snake Passive Effect: Being cunning and ambitious the slytherin house finds themself with the ability to command their pet snake(If they have one) to attack.(could work with a click of a mouse on someone, or just right clicking and setting and option under the snake to be set on aggressive or calm.) The snake has a 15% chance to poison the target. Snakes damage 5% x taming = ? . Having a higher taming level increases % by 5 capping at 40.

Random pulled effects - So along with these houses, at sunday reset each house finds themself with a 25% chance to draw these passives.(ONE NOT ALL)
  • 20% damage increase to monsters.(stacks with all other bonuses)
  • 20% drop rate increase(stacks with all other bonuses)
  • additional 20% to cooldown reduction.(stacks with all other bonuses)
  • Once a day, when clicking on a chalkboard to initiate class a prompt will appear to let the student choose the spell.(As these are random, this gives the player 6 spells to choose throughout the week.