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Auto Change Vampire Pits

Started by Pie, November 16, 2016, 12:39:53 pm

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It can be infuriating when someone who farms solo to gain reputation when a pit that isn't what they want just haven't been farmed for a long periods of time. Just relying on Guild Wars for destroying Pillars would not be enough. Once you reach a certain rank (The rank after Warrior), you'd be in for a never ending loop. You'd never reach the end because of the weekly decay.

I want to suggest like an automatic change whenever it hasn't been touched nor even farmed for a certain amount of days/weeks. If it hasn't been cleared for 1-3 weeks, the end of that week will auto change and the event message will say,
"Chaos/Peace Vampires left their areas in the Quidditch Pitch/Forest Pit, Chaos/Peace are now in control of the area."
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see response on: http://forum.wizardschronicles.com/index.php?topic=4171.0

It's intentional design choice to force equal reputation distribution for both sides, any 'reset' or 'drain' would basically unbalance those clans. What you really desire is more players to play TWC rather TWC being tailored to be single player.

I understand the issue but I see it purely being as not enough players taking part in the multiplayer activity and not as a flaw with the pits.

If you have any ideas for improvement that aren't harmful to the equal distribution of reputation, you're welcome to make them but this isn't the proper solution in my opinion.


Spawn limited numbers of vampires depending on how many players are in an active clan?


Quote from: Ben on November 17, 2016, 05:44:28 am
Spawn limited numbers of vampires depending on how many players are in an active clan?



So, if there's only 1 active member of the peace clan online and both pits are chaos then automatically lower the counter so one person can't just farm absolutely everything and have absurd amounts of peace reputation.


If there's one active member online from a peace clan then automatically lower the amount of vampires spawned during world repopulation, that way they still have to do all the work but it'll just be slightly less strenuous for one person.


I still fail to understand how it solves the problem.

So if Pie is online, he gets let's say, 100 of vampires he desires to farm but that amount is finite and runs out, there is no infinite amount of reputation for Pie to farm because there's noone else at the other side to provide a counter weight.

It'd probably be better to think of a solution from another direction, let's say, the decay. Maybe using a percent decay is not a good solution because at a certain point it chops off too high amount, notice how Pie complains about the rank after warrior.

Another thing that could be done is to schedule a few more clan wars.


I had an idea, but it'll probably be thrown out. I'll say it anyways.

I was thinking of having a One-Shot kill or Damaging throwing Stake item to hit Vampires that gives the players nothing to gain, no opposite rep gain nor experience just only for the sake of Vampire Count to go down 1 by 1.
Stakes will be sold in Joke Item shop, so they will need to spend some to kill some.
Another alternative to these stakes is that it can be crafted through sticks. (Pet Drops Sticks).
In order to create these stakes through crafting sticks would be having throw the sticks to a fireplace and then you'd need cooling spells (Glacius, Aqua Eructo). However if the stick stays in the fireplace too long, it'll go poof and burnt away to ashes, so you need to quickly do it before that happens.

Players will have to go through the effort to clear their opposite side in order to spawn their own kind of vampire pit.
It's a Wonderful day for Pie!