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May 25, 2019, 05:55:26 pm

New AFK Questions

Started by Mel, August 28, 2016, 11:09:13 pm

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Well like I mentioned on OOC, I think we should have/add new AFK questions. Not just like HP questions, like bonus random questions.
For example:
Who is the owner of TWC?
Then the choices.
Questions about some spells.
I don't know, thought it was a good idea running through my mind haha.


Good idea? Perhaps.

I'm not coming up with any new questions so if anyone else want to, go ahead.


Melissa, how about you come up with some? I'd love to hear some that you come up with.

Aaron titan

rotem? maybe you could make afk tests more common? i mean, maybe you could base the chances of test appearing on a wizard's luck? as in certain titles being equipped give us more chance of afk test appearing. maybe a potion could be put to good use too? :D felix felicis: luck potion, maybe make its quality somewhere between common and super-potions... right now the afk test appearance is a bit too random, sometimes it appears after about half an hour or one hour, and sometimes it appears 2 seconds after i start reading. i'll be grateful if you think about this idea, and happy beyond reason if you implement it :)


they're called presence checks, they're global every 15 to 20 minutes, their purpose is to check if you are present, they serve no other purpose.

Their global nature is what makes them appear 2 seconds after you start reading, to which, you should be thankful because you get x3 exp only after answering one correctly.
I can't express enough how much slower book reading is compared to monsters, to the extent I could easily make more exp by monster killing in 10 minutes than I would make from books in full week.