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May 25, 2019, 05:53:38 pm

Automated Classes

Started by Aaron titan, August 24, 2016, 03:29:11 pm

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Aaron titan

I was just wondering, the automated classes are good but can be made better by adding spell points to them. The system could check if the players already have the spell being taught or not. If they already have the spell, they could get a spell point just like the normal classes. And if possible, a few rules could be good too... for example: while an auto-class is going on, people (like me) may move about in the class heedless of the rule 'stay seated'. How about if they move from their place they get a warning message, and if they do it again, they automatically get teleported out of the class. For the former, i think it might become necessary... I mean, if someone already has all the spells and needs more spell points to change name or reset deaths/kills, it'd be pretty much of a challenge getting even 5 spell points from normal classes rarely taking place. Additionally, if someone with all spells gets a message every minute for 5 minutes saying 'class is about to start', it won't really fit as they won't need to care about that message at all (if no spell points are to be gained)


I've just done 2 changes to auto classes:

  • Classes will not repeat spells anymore, each spell in the list will be taught once then repeat, in a random order. This makes it a ton easier to get all spells in consistent play without duplicate classes.

  • When walking into a class, one of two things can happen, if first lecture didn't happen, you'll be told to take a seat and wait for the lecture to end, if you arrive late however, the lecture starts, however that lecture is private, this will prevent late joiners not knowing what to do.

As for spell points, no, that's my answer.