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Happy Passover/Easter/Spring!

Started by Rotem, April 03, 2015, 06:34:15 pm

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Happy holidays TWC, to those of you celebrating any holidays this time of the year.

Around -my- Saturday night or maybe Sunday, I'll be doing another update with new content, I'll leave this part as a mystery, it's even not shown on my GitHub page but it's a pretty nice update.

Of course as always the quest for easter wand will be returning this time in a new fancy quest format, I'm also debating whether to release Shelleh to everyone this time instead of only 4 books as we did last year.

Previous update I also upgraded give prize verb, GMs can now give item rewards in events, we'll be seeing rare wearables given by GMs now instead of just gold, this is definitely something to look forward to. The event logs are also showing more events being logged every week due to the auto classes kicking in, GMs now have the option to reduce their class quota in return, they do more events. If needed I'll hire a new GM as well, since we've been getting 30+ players consistently I wouldn't mind.

I hope people enjoy the changes and updates, you can always give feedback. As some of you may have heard, I also don't care anymore about info share, feel free to share your enchanter recipes.

One request I do have for everyone, complaints are not feedback, they're not useful whatsoever. I will not be going backwards, only forward, if you don't like something, we won't be going to the old instead we'll be improving it and fixing the flaws. It's important we understand as a community that TWC should only progress into the future and not remain stuck in the past.

For those of you who still struggle with leveling, it's important to note that leveling on monsters is now extremely faster than books making it a really good way to level up, it's a lot less boring too. You should give it a try, you'll also make some gold on the way!

In any case, happy spring and let's hope summer vacation is here soon!


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