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TWC Open Source Rant?

Started by Murrawhip, March 30, 2014, 02:58:56 am

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There's a lot of people who have previously expressed a desire to help TWC. We've since open sourced TWC and these people have not approached me.

Once you've got your I-want-admin urges out of the way, feel free to come help build something great.


Shame on me. Q_Q

I've been super busy with personal things. So if I did it wouldn't be all the time. Also, I dunno if I can keep up with someone as good as you. :P


I just want to teach... (srsly) ??? xD That and I wouldn't mind the clear up on that 'head dj' jazz (like...i is but like never had privileges so i just thought it was stupid to call it something but then found out there were and i was like oh i was supposed to be able to do that and like yup...).
However, in terms of my absence, I'm doing a complete reboot to my laptop (in terms of both Windows and Mac.... :/) I'm also updating to OSX Mav or whatever it is after the reboot. So yurp. I'll be back soon. I hate my computer.
Someone teach me how to not be color blind and how to not be completely retarded when it comes to drawing anything and I will definitely icon some shit when i get back xD

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