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Clan Rules

Started by Murrawhip, December 04, 2010, 09:08:34 pm

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December 04, 2010, 09:08:34 pm Last Edit: October 19, 2015, 04:19:50 am by Rotem
These are the updated clan rules for 2015. They are subject to change in the future.

Deatheater and Auror clans must abide by the following rules.

-GMs will refrain from interfering in clan affairs in any way that a normal player wouldn't be able to, unless specified otherwise in these rules.

-If at least 1/3 of a clan's active* members PM Murrawhip either in-game or on the forums calling for a vote for new leadership, an election for new leadership will take place.

-There cannot be more than one election per month, unless the leader him/herself calls for it, or Murrawhip in certain limited circumstances.

-No alternate characters are allowed to be in a clan, ever.

-PMs calling for an election are considered 'valid' for 48 hours, regardless of whether that member is still in the clan. (Though obviously that person must be in the clan at the moment that they send the PM)

-In regards to that rule ^, if the PMs are successful in calling an election, the people allowed to vote includes only the active* people that were present in the clan at the moment of the first PM I receive in the 48 hour period.  (This is so that people can't be hired/fired in order to fix an election, etc.)

-You cannot be in two clans at once.

-Deatheaters are not allowed to be robed inside the school unless it's a GM-sanctioned event.

-Clans are restricted to 15 members only.

-If the head of a clan is inactive for over 2 weeks, any member of the clan can start a vote to replace the head. If the head of the clan will remain inactive during the vote period, he can not be voted for.

* An active clan member is someone that's logged in within the past week.


Updated. Last rule was added.


Member limit increased to 15 because of the new expanded HQs.


New clan rule, marked red.

Due to not having enough players old clans will be treated seriously, any plans to remove them are halted.