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Summer Newsletter

Started by Murrawhip, June 15, 2012, 02:16:43 pm

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Hey ya'll!

Just a quick note to let you know some of the stuff that's been going on in TWC lately, as well as what's coming soon.

I did an update on June 1 to introduct bank vaults. It's essentially just a room you enter from Gringotts, where you can store your stuff on the ground - it saves with your savefile. The old vaults were incredibly clunky and irritating (you had to deposit/withdraw items one-by-one) - I like the new style better. Mostly the system was an experiment. An experiment to see how viable it would be to have saveable, customizable houses in the future. So far, it's looking good. I'm going to introduce some features to customize your vault, and if that works out, I'll probably convert the entire dealio into some big area to make your houses in, with lockable rooms, furniture, a guest list, etc. etc.

On June 1 I also added HP/MP bars to your screen, so that you don't have to try and read your stats panel as you're dueling; and cool-downs on a few different spells like summoning, cloaking, etc., to reduce spam. Shade made us some new icons to replace the Gringotts goblins, Tom the bartender and Tammie; and we added a room where you can try on different clothes for the upcoming TWC Prom.

More recently, I made the new fullscreen map mode the default so that I can see how people really feel about it. You can disable it in the new Settings menu in the top left. Let me know what you think! I've also switched the login page from an image to a HTML window. What's there right now is temporary - I intend to make it display the changelog, news, etc. - should arrive soon!

TWC Prom and TWC Idol will both be held on June 23 in the evening, TWC time. So far the plan is to have Prom-themed events throughout the day, with the big event starting around 8PM. As mentioned, you are encouraged to use an icon of your choice for the event -  Therion has made a guide of how to make your own icon here. Thanks, Therion!

Lucifer will be hosting TWC Idol again this year, and I'm hoping we can make this one the biggest yet. The goal is to record yourself singing a song, send it in to Lucifer before the event, and we'll play it on TWC Radio and decide whose is the best. There's usually an awesome prize for participating, and an even awesome...er prize for winning! You can find more info on how to join, plus a guide on how to record it all here.

Today I've released a new website for TWC, and am getting ready to start working to keep you guys more informed of what's going on with TWC. Like our facebook page, and follow our twitter @HPTWC.

For those of you who I've banned in the past, I'm going to be a pretty cool guy and unban you, effective right now. I did this last Summer, and didn't regret it too much, so try not to let me down!

This is gearing up to be a huge Summer for TWC, so get in and support the game. If you want to help us out, make use of the relatively new Referral system. In-game, goto commands and click "refer a friend". It'll give you a link to give to your friends. When your friends earn XP, you'll gain 10% of whatever they earn. It has the potential to make you earn heaps of levels with little effort. Do it!

Love Murrawhip.