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Murrawhip's Letter

Started by Ander, October 20, 2011, 01:16:36 pm

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For those of you who didn't receive Murrawhip's mass e-mail, here it is.


TWC has been around for a long, long time, and we intend to keep that up.

This past 3-4 years after the release of the final book have vastly exceeded my expectations. I always predicted that after that book, our player base would drop significantly. This never happened. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and assert that our last few years have had a consistently higher player base than the preceding years of TWC.
In July, the much-anticipated release of the final film was a date set in my mind as the final decline of TWC. 3 months have passed, and we're deep into the post-Summer period where we usually see our lowest player numbers in the year. Much to my intrigue, our numbers were lower last year, and the year previous. This has prompted me to rethink my position on TWC's demise.

I'm no longer giving up on TWC. As soon as a few personal issues are sorted out, I will resume development on TWC, with regular updates like previously. There are many, many ways TWC can be improved, and I intend to accomplish at least some of these before the game's eventual demise. If those changes requires me to move away from the BYOND engine, so be it.

To those who have been banned in the past, you can enjoy a reprieve from me. I will not hold a grudge for any issues we've had previously, so hell, even Keith is unbanned. I only ask that you try to follow our rules from now on. If there's an issue with the rules we could always calmly discuss your concerns on the complaints section here: http://forum.wizardschronicles.com/index.php?board=2.0 - Not all complaints have to be an irate bitchfest about Ander's unruly temper.

Thanks for giving whatever time to TWC that you already have, and I hope you can lend some more in the future.