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April 26, 2019, 02:24:16 am

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Suggestions / Blueprints in vaults
Last post by Rotem - December 23, 2018, 03:47:12 pm
I can make them work in vaults, I've managed it but that brings up a few questions beginning with, should I even do it.

The next question is, what should be enabled in student housing and not in vaults, totems and beds for example won't work in vaults.

Another question is whether I allow you to edit normal floors only or woodenfloors and grass as well found in luxuary and wizard vaults

There's benefits in this and it may be cool but at same time it's scary because it drives off players to isolation and one could argue vaults are there to be vaults not player houses and if this is enabled everyone would stop using student housing.
General Discussion / Re: Screenies
Last post by Severus - December 23, 2018, 11:05:23 am
Two Dragon Spearheads back in the old lair... #DragonClan

Legends reunite

General Discussion / What are some tips for first t...
Last post by Onegold88 - December 23, 2018, 07:46:04 am
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Suggestions / Dawn/Sunset effect
Last post by MaxIsJoe - December 20, 2018, 04:14:36 pm
[attach name=dawnscreenshot.png type=image/png]2075[/attach]

I remember playing an old version of TWC that had this effect so a few months ago so i added a dawn/sunset time to my fork of the source code.
this new effect starts before and after night time to give the illusion that time is moving a bit realistically inside the game instead of jumping from day to night immediately

Here's how i managed to add this :

I would like to see this (or something similar/better) added to the main game.
Suggestions / Re: Guilds/Families.
Last post by Treach - December 12, 2018, 03:04:26 am
Bump on the family system as we now have student housing
Suggestions / Re: Passive effects
Last post by Treach - December 12, 2018, 02:37:11 am
Gryffindor - Lions Fire Passive effect: Being born brave, gryffindors have a passive effect to add a burning dmg over time to a target hit with any firespell. The damage is 1/3 of the users damage stat and calculated with their fire level. They have an increased chance and receiving slayer titles as well.| This gives them a passive for Fire Element, and tiles for being brave and taking on the mobs.

- Earth Garden Passive effect: Being born with a natural talent when it comes with potions, and gathering ingredients. When they use Tremorio, a single tile mud field is place under dazing and slowing the target. Has a 15% chance to activate and increases .5 each level. Max is 40%. | This give them a passive for Farming and Earth.

- The wise Raven Passive effect: Being natural at all traits, having the smarts compared to none. Ravenclaw find themself with a passive 10% exp boost when reading and studying together. They have a 15% chance to pull another houses passive effect, this increases by .2% up to year 5. So gaining 1% when year five. Increases 5% for each 100 levels over year 5. This caps at 40%. When using water spells they gain a 10% boost in damage. | This gives them a wisdom buff and a damage increase on water.

Slytherin- Like a snake Passive Effect: Being cunning and ambitious the slytherin house finds themself with the ability to command their pet snake(If they have one) to attack.(could work with a click of a mouse on someone, or just right clicking and setting and option under the snake to be set on aggressive or calm.) The snake has a 15% chance to poison the target. Snakes damage 5% x taming = ? . Having a higher taming level increases % by 5 capping at 40.

Random pulled effects
- So along with these houses, at sunday reset each house finds themself with a 25% chance to draw these passives.(ONE NOT ALL)
  • 20% damage increase to monsters.(stacks with all other bonuses)
  • 20% drop rate increase(stacks with all other bonuses)
  • additional 20% to cooldown reduction.(stacks with all other bonuses)
  • Once a day, when clicking on a chalkboard to initiate class a prompt will appear to let the student choose the spell.(As these are random, this gives the player 6 spells to choose throughout the week.
Suggestions / Passive effects
Last post by Rotem - December 12, 2018, 01:33:57 am
This post is a discussion for possible passive effect ideas.

Those effects would be gained either from passive -skills- you'd invest in, professions, items or your chosen house.

I do want to have special abilities or bonuses for each house.

It can be things like exp % bonus to x element or y profession or trigger farmer lamp effect or things like water walking.

Announcements / Re: TWC Changes
Last post by Vanchi - November 28, 2018, 10:02:43 pm
Thank you for spending your time on the game we all love!
General Discussion / Re: Screenies
Last post by Noah - September 24, 2018, 01:56:30 am
Rest in peace Ezekiel the world will remember you , nice pictures and what does protego do?
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